Pony / Battery Mount

The fastest battery/pony mount in the world!


The SR-71 Mount is constructed from the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel.

This is the best pony  or battery mounting system available today. Nothing else comes close!

A simple push & turn action (less then 1sec.) will assure a flush, rigid mount of the pony bottle or battery pack against the tank, without any alignment of holes or insertion of pins. While diving, the majority of pony and battery mounts generate annoying clinking sounds. The SR-71 Mount is absolutely silent because there is no play between the two mating parts when latched. The mount is extremely rugged, and will automatically compensate for natural wear so this constant tightness is maintained throughout the life of the mount. To release the mount, simply push the release button and pull out the pony bottle or battery pack. The SR-71 Mount consists of two male brackets for two tanks, one female bracket for a pony bottle or battery pack, and six stainless steel bands. It takes only minutes to set up and lasts a lifetime.

 1. Align  2, Drop in place  3. Rotate to latch

We offer the best quality high intensity lights and wetsuit and drysuit warmers that can also be mounted with these same units.

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The price is only $99.95 plus shipping. This is competitive with the lesser quality mounts available.


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