Direct Service

It turns out that direct service is far cheaper than having service centers all around the world which would want to charge about 50% margin plus the relevant taxes. Even if we could have couple of them, there would be probably small chance to be situated somewhere around.

AirBuddy is modular so you can order and easily swap most parts (whole sub-assemblies). You would not typically repair the Lid, Float, Hose, Harness, Battery, Charger, Flag. The only part that makes economic sense to return to us for service is the main compressor unit. And even unit is not necessary to return in some cases.. But let’s go “Step-by-step”:

Before any action, please check section “Troubleshooting” in User Manual and FAQ/ Maintenance & Service.

Easy-swap Parts

If your AirBuddy is running properly but you have physically damaged or lost some parts, check our shop/spare parts section and decide wheather you can buy and “Easy-swap” your damaged or lost part.

If you find out “Easy-swap” is possible just Order the Spare Parts directly from the shop, swap once you get them and enjoy your dive!
If there is another issue, then follow “Repair Process” in next step.

Repair Process

If your AirBuddy has another issue that cannot be fixed by “Easy-swap” then it could be:

  • Minor issue – compressor is properly running but some part is visible damaged (e.g. stuck coupler due the limescale).

‌         OR

  • Major issue – AirBuddy is not running properly and/or some critical parts is damaged (e.g. malfunction of electronic board).

Although all issues can be fixed by AirBuddy team, you can make decision whether it makes economic sense in specific cases. Shipping the unit back and forth is usually the most expensive part.

Minor issues could be often fixed by the user with some basic tools following our instructional videos. In specific cases even some major issues.

To understand your issue and speed up the process please fill-up the service request form and share with us as much details as possible including video and pictures.

Once we understand the issue, we can propose a solution for you.

Option A:

In case of this option, we will share more details (instructional video) how to swap the affacted components, what kind of tools you will need to use etc. You can of course order all specific components, e.g. coupler, baskets O-rings, flag cap, necklace etc. In below table you can find a price list of most demanded components.

You can still decide for the Option B if you don’t feel enough capable for this option.

Coupler (incl. gasket)20 USD
Pressure gauge (incl. gasket)10 USD
Pressure gauge protector2.5 USD
J-hose (incl. O-ring)15 USD
Battery wire with butt splice connector2 USD
Lid Latch2 USD
Regulator silicone mounthpiece6 USD
Regulator silicone necklace3 USD
Flag cap2 USD
Platform with electronics98 USD
Shipping typicaly (US, EU, Asia)~35 USD

Option B:

For this option please pack unit in a minimum size box (or just 2-3 layers of bubble wrap) and ship by economy service (such as USPS), to save shipping costs.

Please use label “RETURN FOR REPAIR” and declare value under AUD1000.

For preliminary quote you can see the pricelist of key components/labour in following table. Final quote we will send once we assessed the damage. After payment confirmation, your AirBuddy will be fixed, cleaned and thorougly tested incl. a simulated dive with our “robodiver”.

Workshop consumables (heat paste, silicone)2 USD
Small components (o-rings, gaskets)3 USD
Head tube15 USD
Compressor valve cap6 USD
Comporessor cylinder7 USD
Compressor motor150 USD
Platform with electronics98 USD
Disassembling / Fixing / Rebuiding~20-20 USD
Cleaning (incl. Ultrasonic cleaning)~15-20 USD
Testing (incl. simulated dive)~20 USD
Shipping main unit (US, EU, Asia)~60-80 USD
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